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Gainswave Therapy in Jupiter, FL

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Jupiter, FL

The Calla Genics Difference

If you're embarrassed about ED, you're not alone. Most men don't like to talk about the problem. But when you need a reliable solution to such an intimate problem, it's important you work with a clinic that values discretion and prioritizes your best interests. That's where Calla Genics comes in - to give you personalized access to the very best ED treatments in Florida in a discreet, compassionate environment.

Calla Genics was created to provide patients with comprehensive treatments for wellness. Our contemporary office features 13 rooms and two conference spaces, plus board-certified providers that prioritize your care and comfort. The moment you arrive, our team will greet you and get you checked in for your consultation. During your short wait, we welcome you to relax in our cozy reception room. Once we're ready for your consultation, we'll guide you to one of our private treatment areas where we can learn about your concerns and talk about your sexual wellness goals.

Our ED physicians will handle your sexual health challenges with expertise and care, using advanced therapies like Gainswave and P shot treatments in Jupiter, FL.

Some of the most common conditions we treat at Calla Genics include:

  • Peyronie's Disease
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Prostatitis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

The effects and advantages of using Gainswave often include: Treatment for ED and Peyronie's Disease

  • Improved Length and Girth
  • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure
  • Improved Length and Girth
  • Better Penis Circulation
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Less Downtime Between Orgasms

What to Expect from P-Shot Therapy

Calla Genics' P-Shot procedure starts by extracting the patient's blood and concentrating the blood's healing factors (like stem cells and other growth factors). From there, the patient's white and red blood cells are separated in a centrifuge, which spins the blood at high speeds until it separates. From there, the patient's concentrated healing factors are injected into their penile region.

Calla Genics' P-Shot treatment is hassle-free and pain-free and can usually be completed in less than an hour right here at our P-shot clinic in Jupiter.

P-Shot Therapy and Botox for Erectile Dysfunction

For men with serious cases of erectile dysfunction, Calla Genics offers our P-Shot with the added bonus of Botox for increased effectiveness. We know what you're thinking: "Isn't Botox meant for women? I don't care about the wrinkles on my face; I just want help with my ED."

While it's true that Botox is most commonly associated with female anti-wrinkle treatment, researchers believe it can help with male ED as well. Botox—which is technically a bacterial toxin with the name botulinum—smooths out wrinkles by blocking nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions.

That same mechanism may help men achieve erections. Botox can interrupt the release of norepinephrine, which restricts blood flow. But it doesn't affect the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a crucial element in achieving an erection since it relaxes smooth muscle and causes blood to engorge the penis.

Because of the nature of Botox, research shows that it may give men enhanced erections for months. Older men with particularly severe ED may see the most significant improvements. As an added bonus, Botox may work for males who have physiological erectile dysfunction (caused by blood flow issues) and psychogenic ED (triggered by physiological factors).

Want to learn more about adding Botox to P-Shot treatment? The Calla Genics customer service team is ready to help answer all of your questions.

P-Shot Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

While the P-Shot can work wonders for men experiencing performance and erectile issues, the P-Shot has other uses. One of the most important and revolutionary issues the P-Shot treats is called Peyronie's disease.

Found in nearly 10% of all men in the U.S., Peyronie's disease is a common problem that can affect a man's sexual activity and sex life. Essentially, Peyronie's disease is the medical label used to describe an abnormal curve or bend in a patient's penis. Though it's very common for a man to have a slight bend in their penis, men suffering from Peyronie's disease experience significant pain, especially when trying to achieve an erection. Because of the nature of the disease, Peyronie's is linked to male erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie's disease is often caused by a previous injury or damage to a man's penis via sexual intercourse or physical activity. Some of the most common symptoms of Peyronie's disease include:

  • Painful Erections
  • Unusually Soft Erections
  • Extreme Penis Curvature
  • Significant Difficulty Having Sexual Intercourse
  • Lumps Found in the Penis

Living with Peyronie's disease makes life quite difficult. Unfortunately, we're discovering that this malady is more prevalent than we once thought. That's probably because more and more men are coming forward to talk about their ED. We understand if you're suffering from Peyronie's disease but are reluctant to speak to a professional due to embarrassment. However, if you're sick and tired of living with Peyronie's and want to reclaim your sex life, Calla Genics' P-Shot may be the long-term solution you need.

The alternative to the P-Shot involves "traditional" treatments like penile stretching devices and penile implants, which sometimes involve vacuum technology and invasive procedures. If you're cringing a little just reading those words, Calla Genics' P-Shot is the way to go for Peyronie's disease treatment.

How Fast Does the P-Shot Work?

Results vary for every patient, but in general, many men discover relief soon after their first P-Shot treatment. If you're a man struggling to achieve and keep an erection, Calla Genics' P-Shot should help you almost immediately. Other enhancements, like more penis girth and size, can take longer.

What Side Effects Should I Know About?

Because our P-Shot treatment in Jupiter uses a patient's own blood, there is no risk for harmful side effects or allergic reactions. It's a pain-free treatment that we perform right here at our male sexual health center, and is usually over in 30 minutes or less.

How Much Does Calla Genics' P-Shot Cost?

Pricing varies depending on our patient's needs. Compared to other erectile dysfunction treatments, P-Shot therapy is relatively inexpensive. Since there are no oral medications or pills to take, patients don't have to worry about refilling prescriptions. The P-Shot is also much less expensive than surgical options, which require multiple doctor's appointments, follow-ups, and more.

The Benefits of Combining Gainswave and P-Shot Therapy in Jupiter, FL

Studies published via the International Society for Sexual Medicine found that Gainswave treatments display significant, positive results that can last as long as 12 months. And while low-intensity shockwave therapy is proven to provide significant improvement in erectile function, Gainswave doesn't have to be used all on its own.

For the most effective male enhancement treatment, many men are combining Calla Genics' Gainswave therapy with our P-Shot treatments. These two revolutionary ED treatments feed off one another to provide a doubly-beneficial effect. In medicine, we call it a synergistic effect.

The platelet-rich plasma from the P-Shot can help open up a patient's blood vessels in their penis. This can actually enhance the effectiveness of Gainswave therapy. Conversely, Gainswave treatments can help stimulate healing factors used in the P-Shot, essentially sending PRP deeper into a patient's damaged penis tissue.

Our Bocox™ Treatment

It is recommended to receive this treatment by a specially trained physician much like Calla Genics' very own Dr. Tiffany. A single Bocox™ treatment can combat erectile dysfunction, ridding your need of having to take Viagra or any surgical procedures.

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How Bocox™ Can Help You!

Here at Calla Genics, we have now been doing the P-Shot® procedure for years with much success and with a significant body of medical research that supports the procedure. In the studies below, you will notice that we have added units of BOTOX, which the recommended dose showed effectiveness up to 6 months with maximal effect at 6 weeks.

The mechanism of action of BOTOX in the penis seems to be partly due to the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the arterioles, resulting in increased blood flow (and even in a small increase in length in one study). This increase in erection firmness by increasing arterial flow is exactly how Viagra and Tri-mix injections work. In two separate studies, the injection of BOTOX was helpful to some men (not all) for whom Viagra and Cialis had quit working.

BOTOX, at much higher doses, has been used for 2 decades for various problems with an extremely safe history. The P-Shot 100™ procedure is a specific method of injecting blood-derived growth factors, including platelet-rich plasma (or platelet-rich fibrin matrix) and botulinum neurotoxin, to improve the health of the penis and enhance the size or function of the penis. The procedure includes patient selection, method of preparation of materials, method of injection, aftercare, and more.

Suppose someone wants Botox alone injected into the penis. In that case, we have the Bocox™ (BoPriapus) procedure: a specific method of injecting the corpus cavernosi of the penis with botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT)–BOTOX– to improve penile tissue health and to enhance erectile function or penis size.

Our Guarantee: You will see results. If you are not pleased with the results of your procedure for any reason, you can get a full refund for the procedure for up to 3 months.

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Calla Genics' P-Shot

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Gainswave Clinic Jupiter, FL

Reignite Your Sex Life with Calla Genics

At Calla Genics in Jupiter, FL, we're committed to improving your overall health and well-being. Sexual health plays a big role in your well-being, which is why we offer innovative ED treatments like Gainswave and P-Shot therapies. These pain-free, confidence-boosting treatments can help you ignite that special spark with your partner and enjoy intimacy like never before. Plus, our ED treatments are simple, stress-free, and less complicated than outdated alternatives.

If you're looking for a team of ED experts who understand the sensitive nature of sexual wellness, look no further than Calla Genics. Whether you're looking for firmer, easy-to-achieve erections or treatment for Peyronie's disease, we're here to help every step of the way.

Latest News in Jupiter, FL

Nick Saban's luxe Jupiter Island, Florida home is the ideal location for retirement, golf

After 17 seasons and six national championships with the Crimson Tide and a coaching career spanning 50 years, including a stint with the NFL's Miami Dolphins, Saban, 72, called it quit...

After 17 seasons and six national championships with the Crimson Tide and a coaching career spanning 50 years, including a stint with the NFL's Miami Dolphins, Saban, 72, called it quits Wednesday.

But football isn't Saban's only obsession. He's an avid golfer who has played rounds with Justin Thomas at TPC Sawgrass and with Ken Griffey Jr. at Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Tournament.

And what better place to feed his golf obsession in retirement than Martin County's Jupiter Island, Florida, where Saban bought a 1.68-acre oceanfront estate for $17.5 million in the spring of 2023.

Known for being one of the most expensive and exclusive towns in the United States, the area is also home to a who's who of golf.

Here's what to know about Nick Saban's house in Florida and Jupiter Island:

Nick Saban's house in Florida

Saban bought a luxurious six-bedroom property in Jupiter Island home under an LLC named At High Tide in April 2023 for $17.5 million, according to previous reporting by the Palm Beach Post.

The 6,200-square-foot house was built in 1992 and renovated in 2016. Features include marble floors, a floating staircase, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, a private garden, a dock and a boat lift.

Saban paid $133,020.94 in property taxes in 2023 and received a $50,000 homestead exemption after declaring the home his permanent residence, TCPalm reported.

A look inside Nick Saban's Florida home

What to know about Jupiter Island

The town of Jupiter Island is on a barrier island in southern Martin County on Florida's Treasure Coast.

Bordered by Hobe Sound, Jupiter Narrows and the Atlantic Ocean, it's one of the most expensive towns in America.

As of the 2021 Census, Jupiter Island had a population of 879.

Nick Saban joins Tiger Woods, Gary Player in Jupiter Island, Florida

Golf legends Tiger Woods and Gary Player call Jupiter Island home.

Woods purchased his property for $44.5 million in 2007. He had the house torn down and moved into his new mansion in 2011.

Player, 88, bought his home in 2004 for $5.75 million.

Here are some of the current and retired pro golfers with homes in the area Saban could tee it up with:

Sources:Nick Saban joins exclusive south Florida golf club

Celebrities who live in Jupiter, Florida area

Other celebrities with homes in the Jupiter area include tennis superstar Venus Williams, NBA legend Michael Jordan, NFL hall-of-famer Joe Namath and musician Kid Rock.

Video for Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson hit song filmed in Jupiter Island

Alan Jackson lived in Jupiter Island until 2013. The video for his hit "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere," featuring the late Jimmy Buffett, was reportedly filmed at Jupiter’s Square Grouper Tiki Bar.

Jupiter Florida codes (May 2024)

Updated May 7, 2024: Looked for more codes!Recommended VideosIf you’re yearning for a fun-filled day at the seaside, get your dose of sunshine in Jupiter Florida. This cozy sandbox experience will take you on a tour through a colorful coastal paradise packed with locations to explore. Jump into your favorite vehicle and begin your adventure!But wait, how can you get a new car when it costs so much? If your tastes are particularly refined and you have your eyes on one of the Ferraris, affor...

Updated May 7, 2024: Looked for more codes!

Recommended Videos

If you’re yearning for a fun-filled day at the seaside, get your dose of sunshine in Jupiter Florida. This cozy sandbox experience will take you on a tour through a colorful coastal paradise packed with locations to explore. Jump into your favorite vehicle and begin your adventure!

But wait, how can you get a new car when it costs so much? If your tastes are particularly refined and you have your eyes on one of the Ferraris, affording it gets even trickier. Jupiter Florida codes are here to help you become a millionaire and build an impressive garage. And, if you want to become filthy rich in a similar game, check out our The Ride codes!

All Jupiter, Florida codes list

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To redeem codes in Jupiter Florida, follow the steps below:

How can you get more Jupiter Florida codes?

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Other ways to get free rewards in Jupiter Florida

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What is Jupiter Florida?

Jupiter Florida, is a Roblox sandbox game that takes you on a joyride through a vibrant coastal town. Build your ideal life in the Sunshine State by picking a favorite career and building an outstanding vehicle collection. Explore the sandy beaches and charming local shops in this relaxing, low-stakes experience.

Browse our Roblox Codes section and find out how to claim free rewards for your other favorite titles!

Drone video shows massive chunks of South Florida backyards swept into ocean

JUPITER INLET COLONY, Fla. – For over two weeks, the ground under an oceanfront pool in South Florida was swept away by rough surf, causing beach erosion, aerial video shows.Drone video captured by photographer Stephen Ippolito shows the ...

JUPITER INLET COLONY, Fla. – For over two weeks, the ground under an oceanfront pool in South Florida was swept away by rough surf, causing beach erosion, aerial video shows.

Drone video captured by photographer Stephen Ippolito shows the extensive beach erosion along the coastline of Jupiter Inlet Colony in Palm Beach County, Florida. The video shows large chunks of dunes, once backyards, washed away by the surf. At the end of the video, photos show before and after what these homes looked like only a few weeks ago.


Ippolito said the erosion happened between Jan. 29 and Feb. 10.

Palm Beach County includes a 47-mile coastline, with more than 33 miles facing critical erosion, according to the Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management. The county said development along the coast has compounded the situation, which faces constant wind, waves, tides and hurricanes.

This fall and winter, rough surf associated with several storm systems moving across the Florida peninsula has swept away even more dunes.

In a Feb. 2 letter, Palm Beach Vice Mayor Maria Marino addressed the increasing erosion.


"Recently, you may have observed shoreline erosion. Our beaches sustained moderate additional damage to a number of previously identified ‘hot spot’ areas of erosion through the end of 2023 as a result of repeated strong frontal storm systems and their associated onshore winds," Marino wrote.

Palm Beach County uses multiple techniques to combat erosion, including dune restoration, support structures, and sand transfer and renourishment.

Across Florida's Treasure Coast, officials, including those in St. Lucie County, are concerned because sea turtle nesting season begins in March, and the turtles rely on dunes for their nests.

Beach erosion causing major damage in Jupiter, Singer Island. See stunning images, video.

The idyllic shores of Jupiter Inlet Colony have become a battleground against nature's relentless assault. The once ...

The idyllic shores of Jupiter Inlet Colony have become a battleground against nature's relentless assault. The once once-pristine beaches, coveted for their exclusivity and luxury, now stand ravaged by relentless erosion, triggering a cascade of chaos and concern among residents and officials.

Steep drop-offs, some towering 10 feet, now mark the Jupiter Inlet Colony landscape, creating perilous hazards for unwary beachgoers. At high tide, the ocean mercilessly engulfs stairways and severs beach access points.

Mayor Ed Hocevar paints a dire picture, citing a "substantial loss of property and significant threat to public safety." Homes once nestled along the shoreline now teeter on the brink of significant damage, their once-grand features swallowed by the relentless advance of the sea.

But amid the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges as town officials rally to confront the crisis head-on. Plans to replenish the beleaguered shores with 10,000 cubic yards of sand and extend a granite barrier wall offer a beacon of resilience in the face of adversity.

Kid Rock and Conair heiress face coastal catastrophe by erosion

The coastal erosion shows no mercy, sparing not even the opulent retreats of the rich and famous. In a stark reminder of nature's indiscriminate power, Kid Rock and Babe Rizzuto, scions of wealth and privilege, find their waterfront abodes imperiled by the encroaching tide.

For Kid Rock, the erosion has exacted a heavy toll on his oceanfront escape. A quarter of his once sprawling backyard now lies swallowed by the sea, with a checkerboard-pattern patio and a concrete wall suspended precariously over a yawning chasm.

Babe Rizzuto, heiress to the Conair fortune, grapples with her own battle against the erosion. Fence pieces, palm trees and swathes of her backyard have fallen victim, leaving behind a landscape scarred by devastation. With her multimillion-dollar estate listed for sale at $22.5 million, the erosion threatens not just her property but her livelihood.

As these high-profile residents face the brunt of nature's fury, their plight serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of coastal living and the urgent need for concerted action to stem the tide of destruction.

Part of Singer Island beach restoration washed away

Despite a $2.5 million emergency project, Palm Beach County's Singer Island faces setbacks as more than 20,000 tons of sand deposited to restore its beaches vanish due to relentless windstorms and king tides.

With 70% of the county's coastline critically eroded, efforts to combat erosion are challenging. While residents seek aid, limited resources force officials to prioritize publicly accessible beaches. Coastal engineers recommend homeowners without armored shorelines seek guidance.

Despite setbacks, restoration efforts persist, with sand replenishment ongoing. However, considering ongoing challenges, alternative strategies like ocean dredging warrant exploration for long-term solutions. Read more about Singer Island erosion.

Diamond Walker is a journalist at The Palm Beach Post, part of the USA TODAY Florida Network. You can reach her at Help support our journalism. Subscribe today

The Best Things To Do In Jupiter, Florida

When you think of spring break in Florida, you probably picture crowded sands teeming with vacationers. That’s the modus operandi of many destinations ...

When you think of spring break in Florida, you probably picture crowded sands teeming with vacationers. That’s the modus operandi of many destinations once spring break arrives, but there are certain pockets of shoreline in the Sunshine State where you can find less-crowded beaches and lots of fun. One of these places is Jupiter, Florida, a laid-back destination with a classic old-beach-town atmosphere. There is as much fun to be had here as there is in spring-break standbys like Daytona Beach and Panama City, so let us introduce you to Jupiter.

Stay In Jupiter

Spring breakers flock to hubs on the coast when the weather warms up, so if you want to avoid the crowds, you’ll have to drive a little farther south. Jupiter is located on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, sandwiched between Daytona Beach and The Palm Beaches, and it’s a less-frequented spot during spring’s busy season. You’re in for a relaxed trip here, where accommodations include the newly renovated Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa, which comes with sea views and easy access to the sands; the Wyndham Grand Jupiter at Harbourside Place, which is situated on the picturesque bank of Jupiter’s Intracoastal Waterway; and The Pointe Hotel, a breezy boutique hotel with a private beach.

Relax On Jupiter's Beaches

You can find public-access white sand beaches in many locations along the shore, including via area parks like Jupiter Beach Park, Carlin Park, and DuBois Park. Nearby, Juno Beach Pier at Juno Beach Park is a popular spot for soaking up the sun as well as casting a line. However, if you’re bringing canine companions along on the trip, Jupiter Off-Leash Dog Beach is the place for you. No matter where you stay in Jupiter, you're always only a short drive away from the water.

Take In Jupiter's Natural Wonders

There’s outdoor adventure to be had beyond the sands too. You can usually find an easily bookable boat tour; popular ones take to the water along the Loxahatchee River to see local wildlife in their coastal habitats. Just across Jupiter Sound is The Nature Conservancy Blowing Rocks Preserve, where you can embark on meanders along the boardwalks and hiking trails to glimpse rare and endangered plant, animal, and bird species or swim and snorkel along the beach. Nearby Jupiter Ridge Natural Area and Cypress Creek Natural Area are also popular places to explore the outdoors.

Enjoy Local Attractions

As for entertainment, one of Jupiter’s most recognizable sights is the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum, a historic lighthouse that you can visit, tour, and climb (it’s a strenuous journey). The connected museum has rotating exhibits exploring the town’s maritime history. At the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, learn how these sea creatures are rehabilitated and released back into the wild. Visit the patients in the outdoor sea hospital, and participate in one of the center’s nature programs or daily fish talks. If you’d like to take in a show, you can catch the museums in town or browse the events happening at the Seabreeze Amphitheater or the Maltz Jupiter Theatre.

Explore Outdoors

If you’d like to spend a day on the links, there are several golf clubs and courses in the area (it’s a favorite town pastime). Or head to the water where a variety of adventures await. There’s a way for everyone to enjoy Jupiter’s waters, from charter fishing tours to paddleboarding to swimming in the surf. With Get Up and Go Kayaking, you can schedule a clear-bottom kayak tour through Jupiter’s waterways where you’ll likely get close to some of the area’s distinct wildlife, such as manatees, conch, and dolphins. Jupiter Dive Center offers snorkeling tours near the Jupiter Lighthouse inlet to see starfish, crabs, and maybe a manatee passing through. For more adventurous visitors, a shark diving expedition will most certainly be a unique thrill, as well as super educational.

Shop The Day Away

From consignment stores to boutiques, surf shops to galleries, Jupiter has something for everyone looking for a memento of their trip. Though it’s a newer destination, Downtown Abacoa boasts “old Main Street charm,” making it the perfect destination for shopping, dining, and a fun night out. You’ll find plenty of eateries and entertainment, such as a mini golf course and escape room, or schedule some downtime at the salon or spa.

Dine On Fresh Seafood

For fresh seafood (and what is spring break without some fresh seafood?), check out Little Moir's Food Shack, 1000 North, The Parisian Restaurant and Wine Bar, Casa Cana, and The Bistro. Get fresh sushi rolls, flatbreads, tacos, and burgers at the casual U-Tiki Beach near the Jupiter Inlet Marina. Guanabanas Restaurant features live music, a tiki bar, fresh Atlantic seafood, and waterfront dining.

When it comes to spring break, you might have to drive a little farther south to avoid crowded shores, but once you reach Jupiter, Florida, the extra miles will have been worth it. Beat the crowds and try a trip to an old-school beach town with a relaxed just might have you planning a return trip for future spring breaks.


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