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Gainswave Therapy in Palm Springs, FL

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Palm Springs, FL

The Calla Genics Difference

If you're embarrassed about ED, you're not alone. Most men don't like to talk about the problem. But when you need a reliable solution to such an intimate problem, it's important you work with a clinic that values discretion and prioritizes your best interests. That's where Calla Genics comes in - to give you personalized access to the very best ED treatments in Florida in a discreet, compassionate environment.

Calla Genics was created to provide patients with comprehensive treatments for wellness. Our contemporary office features 13 rooms and two conference spaces, plus board-certified providers that prioritize your care and comfort. The moment you arrive, our team will greet you and get you checked in for your consultation. During your short wait, we welcome you to relax in our cozy reception room. Once we're ready for your consultation, we'll guide you to one of our private treatment areas where we can learn about your concerns and talk about your sexual wellness goals.

Our ED physicians will handle your sexual health challenges with expertise and care, using advanced therapies like Gainswave and P shot treatments in Palm Springs, FL.

Some of the most common conditions we treat at Calla Genics include:

  • Peyronie's Disease
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Prostatitis
  • Peripheral Neuropathy

The effects and advantages of using Gainswave often include: Treatment for ED and Peyronie's Disease

  • Improved Length and Girth
  • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure
  • Improved Length and Girth
  • Better Penis Circulation
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • Less Downtime Between Orgasms

What to Expect from P-Shot Therapy

Calla Genics' P-Shot procedure starts by extracting the patient's blood and concentrating the blood's healing factors (like stem cells and other growth factors). From there, the patient's white and red blood cells are separated in a centrifuge, which spins the blood at high speeds until it separates. From there, the patient's concentrated healing factors are injected into their penile region.

Calla Genics' P-Shot treatment is hassle-free and pain-free and can usually be completed in less than an hour right here at our P-shot clinic in Palm Springs.

P-Shot Therapy and Botox for Erectile Dysfunction

For men with serious cases of erectile dysfunction, Calla Genics offers our P-Shot with the added bonus of Botox for increased effectiveness. We know what you're thinking: "Isn't Botox meant for women? I don't care about the wrinkles on my face; I just want help with my ED."

While it's true that Botox is most commonly associated with female anti-wrinkle treatment, researchers believe it can help with male ED as well. Botox—which is technically a bacterial toxin with the name botulinum—smooths out wrinkles by blocking nerve impulses that cause muscle contractions.

That same mechanism may help men achieve erections. Botox can interrupt the release of norepinephrine, which restricts blood flow. But it doesn't affect the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a crucial element in achieving an erection since it relaxes smooth muscle and causes blood to engorge the penis.

Because of the nature of Botox, research shows that it may give men enhanced erections for months. Older men with particularly severe ED may see the most significant improvements. As an added bonus, Botox may work for males who have physiological erectile dysfunction (caused by blood flow issues) and psychogenic ED (triggered by physiological factors).

Want to learn more about adding Botox to P-Shot treatment? The Calla Genics customer service team is ready to help answer all of your questions.

P-Shot Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

While the P-Shot can work wonders for men experiencing performance and erectile issues, the P-Shot has other uses. One of the most important and revolutionary issues the P-Shot treats is called Peyronie's disease.

Found in nearly 10% of all men in the U.S., Peyronie's disease is a common problem that can affect a man's sexual activity and sex life. Essentially, Peyronie's disease is the medical label used to describe an abnormal curve or bend in a patient's penis. Though it's very common for a man to have a slight bend in their penis, men suffering from Peyronie's disease experience significant pain, especially when trying to achieve an erection. Because of the nature of the disease, Peyronie's is linked to male erectile dysfunction.

Peyronie's disease is often caused by a previous injury or damage to a man's penis via sexual intercourse or physical activity. Some of the most common symptoms of Peyronie's disease include:

  • Painful Erections
  • Unusually Soft Erections
  • Extreme Penis Curvature
  • Significant Difficulty Having Sexual Intercourse
  • Lumps Found in the Penis

Living with Peyronie's disease makes life quite difficult. Unfortunately, we're discovering that this malady is more prevalent than we once thought. That's probably because more and more men are coming forward to talk about their ED. We understand if you're suffering from Peyronie's disease but are reluctant to speak to a professional due to embarrassment. However, if you're sick and tired of living with Peyronie's and want to reclaim your sex life, Calla Genics' P-Shot may be the long-term solution you need.

The alternative to the P-Shot involves "traditional" treatments like penile stretching devices and penile implants, which sometimes involve vacuum technology and invasive procedures. If you're cringing a little just reading those words, Calla Genics' P-Shot is the way to go for Peyronie's disease treatment.

How Fast Does the P-Shot Work?

Results vary for every patient, but in general, many men discover relief soon after their first P-Shot treatment. If you're a man struggling to achieve and keep an erection, Calla Genics' P-Shot should help you almost immediately. Other enhancements, like more penis girth and size, can take longer.

What Side Effects Should I Know About?

Because our P-Shot treatment in Palm Springs uses a patient's own blood, there is no risk for harmful side effects or allergic reactions. It's a pain-free treatment that we perform right here at our male sexual health center, and is usually over in 30 minutes or less.

How Much Does Calla Genics' P-Shot Cost?

Pricing varies depending on our patient's needs. Compared to other erectile dysfunction treatments, P-Shot therapy is relatively inexpensive. Since there are no oral medications or pills to take, patients don't have to worry about refilling prescriptions. The P-Shot is also much less expensive than surgical options, which require multiple doctor's appointments, follow-ups, and more.

The Benefits of Combining Gainswave and P-Shot Therapy in Palm Springs, FL

Studies published via the International Society for Sexual Medicine found that Gainswave treatments display significant, positive results that can last as long as 12 months. And while low-intensity shockwave therapy is proven to provide significant improvement in erectile function, Gainswave doesn't have to be used all on its own.

For the most effective male enhancement treatment, many men are combining Calla Genics' Gainswave therapy with our P-Shot treatments. These two revolutionary ED treatments feed off one another to provide a doubly-beneficial effect. In medicine, we call it a synergistic effect.

The platelet-rich plasma from the P-Shot can help open up a patient's blood vessels in their penis. This can actually enhance the effectiveness of Gainswave therapy. Conversely, Gainswave treatments can help stimulate healing factors used in the P-Shot, essentially sending PRP deeper into a patient's damaged penis tissue.

Our Bocox™ Treatment

It is recommended to receive this treatment by a specially trained physician much like Calla Genics' very own Dr. Tiffany. A single Bocox™ treatment can combat erectile dysfunction, ridding your need of having to take Viagra or any surgical procedures.

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How Bocox™ Can Help You!

Here at Calla Genics, we have now been doing the P-Shot® procedure for years with much success and with a significant body of medical research that supports the procedure. In the studies below, you will notice that we have added units of BOTOX, which the recommended dose showed effectiveness up to 6 months with maximal effect at 6 weeks.

The mechanism of action of BOTOX in the penis seems to be partly due to the relaxation of the smooth muscle of the arterioles, resulting in increased blood flow (and even in a small increase in length in one study). This increase in erection firmness by increasing arterial flow is exactly how Viagra and Tri-mix injections work. In two separate studies, the injection of BOTOX was helpful to some men (not all) for whom Viagra and Cialis had quit working.

BOTOX, at much higher doses, has been used for 2 decades for various problems with an extremely safe history. The P-Shot 100™ procedure is a specific method of injecting blood-derived growth factors, including platelet-rich plasma (or platelet-rich fibrin matrix) and botulinum neurotoxin, to improve the health of the penis and enhance the size or function of the penis. The procedure includes patient selection, method of preparation of materials, method of injection, aftercare, and more.

Suppose someone wants Botox alone injected into the penis. In that case, we have the Bocox™ (BoPriapus) procedure: a specific method of injecting the corpus cavernosi of the penis with botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT)–BOTOX– to improve penile tissue health and to enhance erectile function or penis size.

Our Guarantee: You will see results. If you are not pleased with the results of your procedure for any reason, you can get a full refund for the procedure for up to 3 months.

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Calla Genics' P-Shot

Free Consultation

Gainswave Clinic Palm Springs, FL

Reignite Your Sex Life with Calla Genics

At Calla Genics in Palm Springs, FL, we're committed to improving your overall health and well-being. Sexual health plays a big role in your well-being, which is why we offer innovative ED treatments like Gainswave and P-Shot therapies. These pain-free, confidence-boosting treatments can help you ignite that special spark with your partner and enjoy intimacy like never before. Plus, our ED treatments are simple, stress-free, and less complicated than outdated alternatives.

If you're looking for a team of ED experts who understand the sensitive nature of sexual wellness, look no further than Calla Genics. Whether you're looking for firmer, easy-to-achieve erections or treatment for Peyronie's disease, we're here to help every step of the way.

Latest News in Palm Springs, FL

This ‘Ginger Ale Spring’ is hidden in the trees near I-4. Here’s why you should stay away

Historic spring near Markham Woods Road has long historyLONGWOOD, Fla. – If you’ve ever driven through Longwood along Interstate 4, there’s a good chance you passed by this spot without ever even realizing it.Nestled in the woods near Markham Woods Road is a historic spring with a long history.Recommended VideosThe “Ginger Ale Spring” — as nearby residents like to call it — was once the property of the Beemans, a wealthy family that lived in Florida duri...

Historic spring near Markham Woods Road has long history

LONGWOOD, Fla. – If you’ve ever driven through Longwood along Interstate 4, there’s a good chance you passed by this spot without ever even realizing it.

Nestled in the woods near Markham Woods Road is a historic spring with a long history.

Recommended Videos

The “Ginger Ale Spring” — as nearby residents like to call it — was once the property of the Beemans, a wealthy family that lived in Florida during the 1900s.

According to local historian Jason Byrne, the story behind the spring stems back to the 1880s, when Dr. Edward Beeman discovered a cure for upset stomachs.

Find every episode of Florida Foodie on YouTube:

Beeman eventually used his research to create “Beeman’s Pepsin Chewing Gum,” which ended up being a huge success for his startup, the Beeman Chemical Company.

Beeman later sold the company, making him and his family extraordinarily wealthy.

His son Harry was living in Orlando with a wife and two children: Edwin and Lester. The family made even more money through ventures like real estate in Winter Park and the San Juan hotel in downtown Orlando.

Lester eventually came of age and went into real estate, making his fortune by investing in an area of land near Longwood called Palm Springs, which grew to become a “go-to spot” for weekend getaways for Central Florida residents, Byrne explains.

With all of the success the family was seeing, the Beeman Investment Company announced in 1924 that it would set up a bottling plant built at a smaller spring north of Palm Springs — the Ginger Ale Spring, as it would come to be known.

The company claimed that its beverages — Beeman’s Palm Springs Water and Beeman’s Palm Springs Ginger Ale — would put even Coca-Cola to shame, though little evidence exists that distribution made it past the I-4 corridor, according to Byrne.

“The water and ginger ale products were carried by most local druggists and independent grocers, as well as emerging chains such as United Markets grocery, with four stores in Orlando alone and 34 total (all in the Tampa Bay and Orlando area),” Byrne writes.

Less than a year later, production at the plant stopped, and the Beemans pursued other ventures.

While the plant is no longer there, the Ginger Ale Spring still sits with a large stone tub collecting water and faded green paint. The tub has a small opening in it, which creates a small stream that feeds into the nearby Little Wekiva River.

News 6 visited the area with county officials on Tuesday to explore the site. The most apparent feature of the spring is the strong odor of sulfur, which can be smelled from a short distance away.

The property is situated both on county-owned and private lands, meaning that residents aren’t allowed to explore the area on their own without permission.

Several objects were left at the site, including a small statue and a few decorations.

Deputies said that a woman was found dead near the spring back in 2020. A local resident told News 6 that offerings are left near the spring by her family.

That resident also said he regularly visits the spring to bathe and was even baptized there.

According to Byrne, some springs like this throughout Florida have spiritual or religious reputations associated with them.

“The belief in the curing power of Florida water and sulfur springs in particular was very prevalent, even up until recent decades...” Byrne said. “For a few, it was some spiritual power of this water from the earth. But I think most of them it was less religious/spiritual and more just viewed as a natural cure from the minerals and other goodness that sprang from the depths.”

Despite the “No Trespassing” signs placed around the area, law enforcement and county officials have said that trespassers have been a large concern for this area. News 6 found piles of garbage littered throughout the woods, indicating that people had been there recently.

However, county officials have said that the area is prone to flooding and can be a dangerous trek, cautioning locals to keep off the property for their own safety.

The spring is situated on a property line shared by Seminole County and a private landowner. The County’s section contains drainage and utility easements that are not publicly accessible. The exact location of the spring is not disclosed to keep residents safe and prevent trespassing.

Seminole County Public Communications Coordinator Ally Linville

For more information on the Beemans and the background of the spring, you can visit Byrne’s Florida History Blog by clicking here.

Interested in more weird stories about Central Florida? Click here.

Check out the Florida Foodie podcast. You can find every episode in the media player below:

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Just a mallet and glue gun: US block-system builder celebrates trio of wins

A US start-up selling a Lego-style, interlocking block system for residential construction has had a very good few months.Last week, Renco USA cut the ribbon on its first development in the country, a four-building, 96-apartment complex in Palm Springs, Florida.The previous month, the company raised $18m from investors in an initial f...

A US start-up selling a Lego-style, interlocking block system for residential construction has had a very good few months.

Last week, Renco USA cut the ribbon on its first development in the country, a four-building, 96-apartment complex in Palm Springs, Florida.

The previous month, the company raised $18m from investors in an initial funding round to help pay for its first factory on US soil.

And, at the beginning of October, the Renco system won Construction Product Design of the Year at the BLT Built Design Awards in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The system uses blocks and components made from recycled glass fibres, recycled plastic, resin, and stone. The company says it owns numerous patents after 10 years of research and development.

It was co-founded by 50-year construction veteran Thomas Murphy, Jr, who established the Florida general contractor Coastal Construction in 1988.

Just a mallet and glue gun

Workers stack the blocks and components to a colour-coded plan, fixing them with a chemically bonding adhesive.

A spokesperson for the company told GCR that each of the four, 3-storey blocks in Palm Springs were built by 11 unskilled workers equipped only with a mallet and glue gun.

The average build time for each block was eight weeks.

The company said this saved around 20% of the time and cost involved in conventional, hurricane-zone concrete construction.

It also saved some 50% on project insurance owing to the simplified building process and shortened project duration.

“No heavy equipment was required,” the spokesperson said. “We used no exterior scaffolding, no cutting, burning, welding or grinding was necessary.”

Won’t blow away

The system has been tested in laboratories certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to meet standards set by materials-testing body ASTM. It can be used in structures up to five storeys high.

It’s also rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, a prime consideration for Florida, which tops the list of US states with the most expensive homeowners’ insurance.

Last year, Hurricane Ian cost insurers roughly $63bn, and the average cost for homeowners’ insurance now stands at $6,000 a year, a 42% increase over 2022 and four times the national average, the company said.

This burden prompted Palm Springs Mayor Bev Smith to say at the ribbon cutting: “Today, we stand with pride, unveiling a more resilient approach to construction right here in Palm Springs. This serves as a potential blueprint for communities not only in the Sunshine State but far beyond.”

Renco co-founder Thomas Murphy, Jr said: “We now have the chance of a lifetime to revolutionise the future of construction. This means creating homes that are not only sustainable and resilient, but built to endure for generations yet to come.”

Hospital in Hialeah proposes major expansion

The Larkin Community Hospital Palm Springs Campus in Hialeah could expand with a new medical office building.The City Council will consider several variances for the project on the 14.4-acre site at 1475 West 49th Place on Oct. 24. It currently has a three-story 247-bed hospital that was built in 1964, along with a seven-story, 38,000-square-foot medical office building.Trending: ...

The Larkin Community Hospital Palm Springs Campus in Hialeah could expand with a new medical office building.

The City Council will consider several variances for the project on the 14.4-acre site at 1475 West 49th Place on Oct. 24. It currently has a three-story 247-bed hospital that was built in 1964, along with a seven-story, 38,000-square-foot medical office building.

Trending: Trust linked to Jeff Bezos buys Indian Creek mansion for $79M

South Miami-based Larkin Community Hospital, led by CEO Dr. Jack Michel, acquired the former Palm Springs General Hospital property in 2016.

In the proposal, the hospital aims to build another seven-story medical office building totaling 161,300 square feet. It’s seeking waivers to build seven stories, instead of the three stories permitted, and provide 725 parking spaces, instead of the 768 normally required for a project of that size.

Carlos A. Espinosa, who represents Larkin Community Hospital in the application, declined comment.

According to data submitted to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, Larkin Community Hospital Palm Springs Campus had a bed occupancy rate of 21.3% in 2022, which was among the lowest in Miami-Dade County. It generated net income of $601,000 on revenue of $77.2 million.

Many hospitals depend on favorable relationships with physicians to attract patients, so having a larger medical office building on site could help the hospital bring more physicians to its location for partnerships.

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South Florida Hospitals

2022 net operating revenue

RankPrior RankHospital / Prior (*Not ranked in year prior) / URL
11University of Miami Health System
22Baptist Hospital of Miami
33Jackson Memorial Hospital

View this list

The Ultimate Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Guide

In This Article Frequently Asked Questions Where to Eat ...

In This Article

Frequently Asked Questions Where to Eat

What to Do How to Get Around Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Itinerary

Whether you fly into Palm Springs International Airport or drive from California or neighboring states, planning a bachelorette party in Palm Springs means enjoying your own little slice of desert paradise. From trendy hotels with sparkling pools to stunning mid-century modern architecture and an abundance of restaurants and nightlife, it's no surprise that the desert oasis is one of the country's premier bachelorette party destinations.

If Palm Springs sounds like the ideal getaway for your big weekend, consider this your ultimate guide to enjoying everything the city has to offer for bachelorette parties of all kinds. From where to stay and what to do to where to eat and how to get around, we'll help you plan the perfect getaway for your group.

Meet the Expert

Tara Lazar is the founder of local restaurant and hospitality group F10 Creative.


Why You'll Love Palm Springs

From the natural beauty of its desert surroundings to the chic, design-forward vibes around town, Palm Springs has always had an aesthetic all its own. Add to the mix a strong LGBTQ culture; celebration-worthy dining and nightlife scene; and hotels and pools aplenty—that’s Palm Springs in a nutshell.

Where to Stay in Palm Springs

The beautiful thing about having your bachelorette party in Palm Springs is that nothing is really that far away. Whether you book rooms at the Kimpton Rowan—which could not be more centrally located in Downtown Palm Springs and has incredible amenities, including a rooftop pool and restaurant—or one of the super stylish and charming Uptown Palm Springs boutique hotels—such as Fleur Noire Hotel, which has lovely communal courtyards that will feel exclusive to your group—you really can’t go wrong.

Generally speaking, local accommodations fall into three categories, each of which has its own appeal:

Whether you stay Uptown, Downtown, or even a bit further out in one of the surrounding residential neighborhoods, you’re never too far from the action.

Where to Eat in Palm Springs

The Palm Springs dining scene has something for everyone, from high-energy brunches to more casual, seasonally-driven California cuisine. There are also plenty of special occasion-worthy establishments, where surf and turf are the name of the game or the destination’s Mexican cuisine, that will make for a memorable meal.

What to Do in Palm Springs

The ebb and flow of activities in Palm Springs follow the sun: Wake up for a morning hike or to get out to a hot springs day spa. If you'd rather sleep in, get the day started with brunch, which is available any day of the week here—although brunch events kick into high gear on the weekends. Once the sun sinks over the San Jacinto mountains, the nightlife scene starts to heat up.

You can't beat a morning hike into one of the palm oases at stunning Indian Canyons. Palm Canyon and Andreas Canyon are both suitable for non-hikers but remember that closed-toed shoes are a must. Complimentary ranger-led interpretive hikes and ranger nature and history talks are available seasonally, so do your research before you arrive.

If you'd prefer to plan something that's less physically demanding, take in the panoramic views from the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway—the ride up and down the mountain is a memorable part of the adventure. There may even be snow at the top of the mountain in the winter months!

You could also book a custom group cycle experience with Sunny Cycle (some options include a Bar Cruise or an Instagram-Worthy Cruise). After your tour, do a little shopping in the Uptown Design District, where boutiques include local artisan and maker shops, fashion-forward clothing, apparel and accessories retailers, as well as Palm Springs-inspired merchandise (check out the gift shop at Shop(pe).

And if pure relaxation is what you're after, you should look into aday pass to a local hot springs retreat/ Experience the natural mineral water pools and soaking tubs at Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa Oasis, located in Desert Hot Springs, California, about 15 minutes away.

Start your fun night on the town at AsiaSF's cabaret dinner show, which features glamorous starlets performing pop hits and Broadway favorites. AsiaSF pulls out all the stops for bachelorette parties, including free entry into the nightclub after the show on weekends.

For a tame post-dinner gathering, you can't beat cocktails out on the spacious patio of cozy, speakeasy vibe cocktail bar, Seymour's, which is tucked away like the jewel that it is inside Mr. Lyons Steakhouse. (Ask the restaurant hostess to point you in the right direction.) PS Air Bar is another fun, hidden treasure. If dancing and bottle service is what you're after,reserve a booth at Hunter’s Palm Springs, located along Arenas Road, the heart of Palm Springs' LGBTQ-oriented nightlife scene. Uptown, Toucan’s Tiki Lounge and Cabaret hosts a variety of drag shows throughout the week.

And for something a little more unexpected, plan an evening of fun at Escape Room Palm Springs. There are six different escape rooms to play, with themes such as bank heist, the Titanic, and a vampire’s lair.

How to Get Around in Palm Springs

Generally speaking, Palm Springs is a compact destination, which means you can easily walk to some restaurants and nightlife locations from a centrally-located hotel home base. And if you also have to get out and explore, most anywhere you'll want to be is located within a couple of miles’ radius.

It’s entirely possible to plan a Palm Springs bachelorette by just simply arriving and using rideshare services (Lyft/Uber) to get from here to there. However, without renting a vehicle—or driving in with a couple of your own—you’ll also be reliant on the availability of cars and drivers, which isn’t always consistent. You also have to think about the size of your group, particularly if you’ll need more than one vehicle.

Many larger hotels and boutique hotels have some beach cruiser-style bikes to lend out to guests who want to pedal around, and rentals are also available locally. If you’re trying to borrow more than a few bikes at a time, that’s when you need to start thinking about alternatives, such as booking a two- or three-hour group excursion with Sunny Cycle, which can accommodate up to 15 people.

Palm Springs Bachelorette Party Itinerary

Ready to get planning? Check out our sample itinerary to use for your party planning purposes!

The Palm BeachesLuxury & Upscale Resort Hotels

Unlock an Unforgettable StaySink into timeliness sophistication and find yourself spellbound while your wildest dreams are brought to life. These iconic resorts are world renowned for their excellence, world class service, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Allow the magic of the Atlantic Coast to captivate your imagination. Indulge, let go, and escape.Inspired by the Villa Medici in Rome, The Breakers maintains its h...

Unlock an Unforgettable Stay

Sink into timeliness sophistication and find yourself spellbound while your wildest dreams are brought to life. These iconic resorts are world renowned for their excellence, world class service, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Allow the magic of the Atlantic Coast to captivate your imagination. Indulge, let go, and escape.

Inspired by the Villa Medici in Rome, The Breakers maintains its historic aesthetic combined with modern luxury to this day. Guests are swept into a magnificent 200 ft. long lobby with vaulted ceilings hand painted by Italian artisans in 1926. Imposing, panoramic ocean views surround the private dining and beach. These scenes have summoned many stately clients including presidents, celebrities, and foreign royalty.

Imagine the perfect escape where luxury, ease, and world-class service infuse in perfect harmony. Meet Eau Palm Beach, where opulence is infused with every experience. Breathtaking seascapes abound and exclusive oceanfront cabanas beckon you with bottles of Dom Perignon, cold-pressed juices, and exclusive service catering to your every whim. Ornate, 2600 square foot suites with indoor and outdoor private gardens, balconies, and stunning Atlantic views usher you in. An experience here will redefine seaside glamor. You’ll find that dreams really do come true when you enter Eau Palm Beach.

The Boca Raton, amidst 200 lake and oceanfront acres, provides a year-round escape exclusively for its Club members and overnight resort guests. Five distinct hotels include Yacht Club, Tower, Bungalows, Cloister and Beach Club, which is being completely reimagined and will be unveiled in December 2024. Experience delectable dining, the Forbes Five-Star Spa Palmera, and endless activities including golf, tennis, pickleball and more.

The Seagate is the only resort that offers guests exclusive access to a private beach, a Beach Club, Yacht Club, championship golf course, and 4 saltwater pools. Amenities are designed with every guest in mind. Egyptian cotton linens and spa inspired spaces graciously welcome you in. Oceanfront dining on exquisite seafood, poolside cabanas, private beach access, and yachting along the Intracoastal waterway. Let the balmy ocean breeze sweep you away to your dream vacation.

The Hilton West Palm Beach is a 400-room lifestyle hotel connected to the Palm Beach County Convention Center via a covered walkway and at the heart of the downtown area. This upscale Hilton property is directly across the street from The Square shopping and restaurants, and only two miles from the waterfront. Guests can enjoy a variety of services and amenities, including a resort-style pool, poolside cabanas, live music, fitness classes, lawn games, and functional meeting spaces.

Visit Galley, a signature restaurant and authentic grill house featuring the finest meats and freshest ingredients. Or, stop at La Playa, a poolside bar and grill where you can enjoy a tropical cocktail in the sunshine.

Situated just 15 minutes away from Worth Avenue, internationally renowned for its beauty and unparalleled customer service, Four Seasons Resort will imbue the magic of Palm Beach in you. This polished and timeless space is the perfect place for soaking in glamorous seascapes. Embrace your nautical side with a private yacht ride and customized fishing experience. Enjoy elegant culinary cuisine from the first restaurant to partner with three Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco in the US.

Be inspired and be free to explore this enchanting Atlantic coastline at The Opal Grand Resort. This award winning property caters to your every whimsy. Newly renovated coastal villas offer long awaited escapes and seaside surprises. Enjoy tropical libations on the expansive pool deck overlooking the sea, watch the sunrise during morning yoga and drift over to their signature sailing-inspired restaurant for endless summer eats.

Sophisticated, chic, and pink, The Colony is a charming destination that dates back to 1947. Its elegance and captivating views quickly drew in discerning guests, including John Lennon and Frank Sinatra. To this day beachside butlers skip about with gourmet bites and the oh-so-famous CPB cocktails. Choose from four dining experiences all serving up exquisite meals from their executive chef. Each Mediterranean Villa embraces a personal mood and scene, mixing old world glamor with the most modern updates.

Sophisticated, elegant, and exclusive. This opulent GBAC STAR Accredited destination brings luxury to your fingertips. Imported fabrics and hand-crafted crown molding adorn their Spanish colonial style rooms with views of fountain courtyards merging into the horizon of the Atlantic sea. Award-winning Cafe Boulud features indoor-outdoor stately dining specializing in modern French cuisine. Elevate your beach experience with their Business & Pleasure beach chairs, umbrellas, and stocked beach bags. All are arranged ahead of time and waiting for you to kick your feet up in the sand. Awarded #1 Hotel in South Florida by Travel & Leisure, paradise is waiting for you.

An enthralling oasis just a mile down the road from the beach amidst living walls and art installations, The Ray makes way for a glittering tropical escape. Large furnaced terraces overlook downtown Delray Beach, while luxury Eucalyptus linens and Frette bathrobes bring unparalleled relaxation. On the rooftop, Rosewater serves handcrafted cocktails under a lush canopy, while on the first floor Michelin Star chef Akira Back brings Japanese flavors to imposing levels.

Take a virtual tour of The Ben and enter a stunning, luxury hotel in downtown West Palm Beach. A rooftop lounge features a bar, dining, and swimming experience. Snag a book from their thoughtfully curated library and unwind by the heated pool. Explore downtown West Palm’s main street or curl up with your pooch in your deluxe suite overlooking the water. Planning an event? 7,800 square feet of meeting space create a destination worthy of memories.

Enter a world where Mediterranean revival meets the luxury of everyday modern comfort. With hardwood floors, exquisite tiles, and a neutral palette, the White Elephant was rated #1 Resort in Florida by Travel & Leisure for 2022. This tropical destination will captivate memories for years to come. Take a dip in their palm lined pool or lounge in the sunlight dappled gardens. Kids are welcomed with organic bath amenities, beach toys, board games, and pack n plays. Complimentary beach services include transportation, chairs, umbrellas, and water. Discover paradise in this effortless escape.

The all-new PGA National Resort is the luxury lifestyle retreat that delights far beyond golf. Palm Beach style meets breathtaking amenities at the crown jewel PGA National Resort, newly reopened and completely redesigned. Commanding 800 manicured acres just minutes from Palm Beach’s aquamarine coastline, the all-new resort’s legendary history meets fresh tropical modernity with gorgeous rooms & suites, inventive dining, stunning spa, family, fitness, pickleball, and golf programs that are renowned worldwide.


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